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7 Mar


This week I had the pleasure to visit with J.J. Devine.

Thank you, Susan, for having me here today!!! I just know it is going to be great fun.

What is your secret passion?

Anything Ghirardelli, ahhhhhhhhhh… I grew up hating chocolate and would only eat white chocolate as a kid. Since I’ve grown older and met my new best friend, Ghirardelli, well, that dark chocolate is one staple you will find in my house at all times.

Cats or dogs?

We have a cat, two dogs, and fish in our household, so if I were to say dogs and the cat found out, boy would I be in trouble. Then there is the matter of those fish, they out number me, so I really need to be careful how I answer this one.

In reality though, our cat is more like a small dog, all the way down to growling at people when they stop by or try to pet her. However, I would have to say if I had to choose between the two, dogs are really my all-time favorite pet, especially since hubby and I took in this amazing husky/golden retriever mix that has just become the light of our world.

Favorite fast food?

I guess this would be how one defines the words ‘fast foods’, LOL. I try to stay away from fast food restaurants as much as possible, but pizza would have to be one of my weaknesses, especially since it is the grandson’s favorite food and when he sleeps over that is the only food I’m allowed to fix, LOL.

My latest ‘fast food’ is a breakfast I found on facebook, with yogurt, milk, and old fashioned oats. It sets up overnight in the fidge but it is so yummy and easy for a morning pick me that I would definitely call it a fast food that I have around the house.

What motivates you when you can’t seem to write another word?

I would like to give a profound answer like meditation, a long walk on a quiet night, an inspiring hot bath in candle light with soft Celtic music playing, all of which do help. However, what really motivates me more than anything else is just keep writing. I tell myself I can always go back and edit, because editing is such a vital part of this business anyway.

In the past I have set up challenges for myself, such as a word count goal for the day, or finishing a novel in a month, like with NaNoWriMo. Ultimately, I sit myself down and tell myself, “If you are going to be an author, you have to act like one. Now get busy!” It usually works.

What are you working on now?

I’m always writing something. I keep a ton of WIPs in the files for those times when I get stumped working on one, I can move to another until it passes. Right now I’m working on edits for Into the Darkness for a hopeful Spring release date. I’m also working on editing Destiny’s Price, the second in my Acceptance series, for a hopeful contract soon.
I’m also working on a short story for a Sisterhood Anthology entitled, Sisters Forever.

ExcerptInto the Darkness

“What happened? Am I dreaming?”

“You fainted.” Dragon starred down into her exquisite face. How long had he waited for this moment in time?

“Where am I? How late is it? I need to get home.” She assessed their surroundings.  A smile crossed her lips, giving pause to his heart, as she recognized the familiar surroundings.  In his mind there was no place other than here, under their tree, this night should transpire.

Dragon ran a gentle touch over her cheek. The gesture made her body quake against his.

“Am I dreaming again?” She studied his eyes as if  begging for some kind of answers to all haunting her.

What I wouldn’t do to be able to tell her all.  “Were you ever really dreaming?” he asked softly, his voice thick with passion.

The scent of her excitement grew, feeding his urge to ravish her. She shook her head as if trying to wake up. His lips brushed hers. “Does this feel like a dream, my dark angel?”


“No, it does not feel like a dream? Or no, you wish me to stop?” Dragon knew her answer but it had to be her choice. He could not enter her physical house without her permission, nor could he enter her spiritual realm without the same permission.

Winding her arms around his neck as her body moved to his lap. Her legs wrapped about his waist, grinding against his hardened cock. “Prove to me you are real. Prove to me you are not some figment of my imagination come to confirm my insanity.” Her eyes challenged almost as loud as her spoken words.

Dragon’s hands roamed over her back. The delicate satin material of her dress enticed him to rip it from her body. “How would you have me prove this?” He set forth his own challenge.

She ran her searing, moist tongue over his lips. Her hand pulled up her long skirts until the alluring material lay bunched at her thigh. She took his hand as she continued to kiss his mouth. His body trembled with anticipation as her hand guided his beneath her skirts.

“Feel the burning desire awaiting you,” she breathed, releasing his hand before she moved her lips to the soft skin beneath his earlobe.


Dream or Reality?  Fantasy or Fact?  Vampires and Witches are they mythical creatures or something that walks amongst us every day without our knowledge?  
  To Raven, a twenty-five year old, extremely sheltered woman, they are nothing more than something to be read about in a book.  To Dragon, an eight hundred year old vampire, they are a way of life.
  Raven believes she is going mad.  Erotic dreams fill her nights causing her to question her sanity by the light of day.  They lead her into a world she never knew existed and a heritage that can only be found in nightmares.
  Dragon wants nothing more than to own the mortal soul of the beautiful Raven.  What he finds is, a woman, who can make eight hundred year old scars disappear, and proof she is far from mortal.

Together they seek out the dark heritage of her past.  What they find is much more than either of them bargained for.  A destiny lies at her doorstep, one that could bring her salvation and an eternity at his side.  Or, it could seal her fate and rip her from his world forever.

I can’t wait for the release!! Come back soon and let us know when we can purchase yur book.  Thanks for visiting and good luck.

You can Find J.J. Devine at

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