Book in a Week

22 Sep

This week my fellow writers in the Kiss of Death Chapter and I are challenging ourselves to “Book in a Week.” Four times a year, we come together and get typing – pounding out as many words as we can … Read More »

On Writing

9 Sep

This week my RW friends and I are writing about writing. The questions come from the wonderful Beth Carter. If you didn’t stop over from Jeanne McDonald, stop on by when you’re finished here. Here are my answers: What’s your favorite … Read More »

Meet My Character

4 Sep

Today, I’m working with a group of gifted authors, introducing you to a character in each of our books or works in progress. A special thank you goes out to Maria Alexander for the invitation to participate. I am introducing … Read More »

Flash Fiction

19 Aug

This week my friends and I at RW decided to change things up from the 3 question format, as you saw from Leslie Hachtel’s link to me. We’ll be writing flash fiction – three words, about 100 words, an use … Read More »

Bad Dreams

31 Jul

Did you ever have a bad dream? Not just a nightmare but a dream that haunts you? I’ve had a few, but none like I had the other night. It still gives me the chills. I was driving west on … Read More »

Focus Shift

28 Jul

I’ve come to a decision. Romance isn’t for me. Don’t get me wrong. I like romantic elements in books, even a steamy scene can be fun, but the happily ever after is more than I can stomach. The nonsense tension, … Read More »

RW 7/14/14

15 Jul

This week’s questions come from the amazing Jo Richardson. And if you didn’t stop over from the incredible Nina Mason, please stop by to see her answers. How often do you write? I write everyday, almost. I might not get … Read More »

Monday Blog

14 Jul

I’ve been lax in my postings and most have been a group effort. It’s time for me to start what I intended to do when I started this blog – write. So here goes – an excerpt form my book … Read More »

Romance Weekly 7/01/14

1 Jul

This weeks questions come for the lovely Tessa Gray. And if you didn’t stop by from Victoria Barbour go back and visit when you’re done. Do any characters you’ve written into your books remind you of yourself? Explain which ones and … Read More »