BlindSight: Adams Thriller Three & Complete

21 Apr

They’re all here – BlindSight: Adams Thriller One, Two, Three and a compilation Complete are now all available on amazon. Here is a blurb about Three:


Tisha Adam’s life was upended when she witnessed a murder. Now she’s determined to find out why people around her are dying and why she might be a target. She’s forced to use all her skills, including her intuitive gift of clairvoyance and her hacking skills to uncover the keys that will unlock the puzzle of the final mysteries.

With Detective Murphy by her side, and the bodies piling up, Tisha is in a race against the clock to rescue her kidnapped brother and discover who’s behind the murders. But when she discovers the reason behind the nightmare, will she be able to forgive the person who unwittingly set up the terrifying chain of events? And will she finally be able to accept her special gifts?

Comments are welcome and reviews will have me doing cartwheels.

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