BlindSight: Adams Thriller Two

15 Apr

Today I’d like to announce the official unofficial release of BlindSight: Adams Thriller Two. Here is the blurb:

For Tisha Adams, it isn’t enough that she’s lost her job and her Manhattan lifestyle. Now she’s on the hunt for a killer after witnessing a murder. Her paranormal gift of clairvoyance puts her in touch with the dead, but also leaves her terrified of getting too close to the living.BlindSight_KindleTwo copy

Together with Detective Murphy, the two channel their abilities in hopes of finding the motive for the murder. And is the murder of a reporter related somehow? The stakes are high and soon the evidence points to someone close to Tisha. As the clues unravel, the sounds of shots being fired bring the mystery too close for comfort.

Tisha’s only choice is to reach out to her estranged grandmother to learn more about her intuitive talents. Then Tisha’s brother is kidnapped. She’ll need all her abilities to get him back. Even the gift she’s been afraid to use.

Have you had a chance to read the first? Comments are appreciated!! And, if you leave a review or a comment – I have something special for you!! Until next time – have a great week!

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