The Quiet Hours, Michael Scanlon

7 Jan

This was a page turning, don’t put it down, yes you will be up all night, kind of read. Detective Finnegan Beck has been banished to a remote Irish town while his superiors contemplate what to do with him. While on hiatus, a young woman is murdered. The usual suspects are brought in for questioning and one looks like he may be the culprit. After uncovering a string of unsolved murders, Finn realizes something is not right in sleepy Cross Beg – are these all connected??? Scanlon does an amazing job with the story – this is an excellent read!

Review – Lies

14 Oct

WOW!! This is a gripping, heart pounding, can’t put it down until you’re finished thriller. From the beginning, I couldn’t help but imagine how someone could get caught up in a similar situation. The ending was brilliant! Buy this book and shut off the world!

Review – Her Mother’s Grave – Detective Josie Quinn Book 3

3 Aug

Take a deep breath – you’re in for an amazing ride. Her Mother’s Grave by Lisa Regan is a non-stop heart-pumping mystery filled with twists and turns and unexpected situations.

Chief Josie Quinn is a determined no nonsense cop. Her less than stellar upbringing makes her suspicious by nature. When human remains are discovered by a couple of young boys in a place she would rather forget, the story gets rolling. As the identity of the victim is revealed, she gives it her all to find out what happened and in the process finds out things she could have never dreamed about herself.

I’d love to get into more details, but it would be at the risk of too many spoilers. I haven’t read the two previous books so you can start with this. You can be sure I’m adding Books 1 & 2 to my to read pile. Bravo Lisa Regan!

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Review- Little Comfort by Edwin Hill

27 Jul

Little Comfort is an enjoyable, quick reading mystery. We meet Hester Thursby, a woman with a tiny stature and less than ideal childhood, who has overcome her past to live a full life. Librarian by day, sleuth by night, she finds people when others either can’t or have given up. When she is contracted to locate Sam Blaine – she gets much more than she bargained for. Not only is he easy to find and carrying some serious issues, he also has childhood friend Gabe in tow who is incredibly illustrated as a sociopath.
This book was well written, had excellent characterization and much depth. A definite great read.

It will be available on August 31, 2018 – check back for the link.

Happy Reading!

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10 May

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Road Trip Revenge by Susan Peterson Wisnewski

Road Trip Revenge

by Susan Peterson Wisnewski

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Cover Reveal Road Trip Revenge

29 Mar

It’s here!! The cover for Road Trip Revenge, the newset sequesl to the Adams Thrillers. The book will be available very soon!

What do you think?? Isn’t Jessica Bell the best??

Here’s the blurb:

The dead will speak, but only if she is willing to listen.

Escaping a kidnapping with a few cuts and a bruised ego, Tisha Adams, is on fire. She needs to stop denying her unique abilities and use them to her advantage. Teaming up with her elusive boss, security expert Sam Jones, they learn her estranged brother is missing and two of his associates are dead. Are the two events connected?

‪Leaving behind career and boyfriend troubles, she travels to the Green Mountains of Vermont, the last place her brother Bill was tracked. Does he want to be found or is he hiding something? As Tisha searches the woods, she encounters more than one warning to stay away.

When the tides turn and Tisha zeroes in on the killer, she must use her powers, including the mysterious abilities she fears, to corner the perpetrator. Will she get to the killer in time or fall prey as the next victim?

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Books and Benches Review

9 Mar

Look what I found in my email today:

A Reader’s Opinion: BLINDSIGHT by Susan Peterson Wisnewski
March 8, 2017


Thriller with a touch of paranormal!

I really enjoyed BLINDSIGHT: Adams Thriller Complete by new-to-me author Susan Peterson Wisnewski. It tells the story of Tisha Adams who started living the great life with a wonderful job . . . until something unexpected happened. Now, she is living in a garage apartment and needs to start a new life. While going to work on a train, she witnesses a murder, but strangely enough, the body disappears! She has a secret ability that she doesn’t want to use but eventually, she will have to trust herself and Detective Murphy to be able to find the person responsible for the murder. They will team up and discover lots of twists and turns! BLINDSIGHT is a fun suspense to read! This suspense is well written, and I’m so glad I discovered this author’s books because they are so captivating!
Star Rating: 5 Stars | Content Rating: 3 Hearts | Reviewed by: Nicole Laverdure

Thank you Nicole Laverdure – what an honor!! Check out the Books and Benches website for more reviews. And pop over to Amazon and check out my reworked cover thanks to the uber talented Jessica Bell.

The next book is on the way – drop me a line if you’d like an advance copy!!