The Immortality Chronicles

4 Sep

I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. The Immortality Chronicles is a fascinating compilation of short stories by a talented group of authors all offering their original tales on immortality delving into the moral as well as ethical implications of man- made immortality.

I especially enjoyed the piece by David Bruns. In Legacy, we meet 199-year-old Edward Stemm, a veteran of the war in Iraq who lost a limb. Frustrated with the poorly crafted artificial limbs of the time, he creates a company that produced state of the art robotic limbs. His wife dies and he immerses himself in his work. His initial creation leads to innovation after innovation and his company goes on to recreate the entire human body.

The story brings us to a courtroom. His estranged great grand daughter, who reminds him of his deceased wife, is attempting to unseat him from his company, as she believes he isn’t working in the best interests of the company. Her argument is that Edward is no longer a man but rather a machine incapable of handling the business. At one point he declares, “I am Stemm Bionics. Every new invention-every single one, mind you-is tested on me first. Me! I am not a brand, I am a man.” Poignant, well crafted and a delight to read don’t miss this book.

ELH Diet: Permanent Weight Loss With A Healthy Diet Plan by Robert Lalonde

31 Aug

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“Rather than trying to lose weight by eating less, you will just eat differently.”

This is the key to this comprehensive, well-written book by Robert Lalonde. For years we have been bombarded with the mantra of avoiding fat at all costs only to have an ever-increasing population of overweight, unhealthy people eating low fat, sugar laden foods. The key is to remove sugar and reduce over processed foods. A healthy dose of exercise also helps. Lalonde’s plan is solid and similar to what I’ve used to shed over twenty pounds and keep it off for more than seven years. Less carbs, filling healthy low GI foods are key. I especially like the charts he uses illustrating the foods to focus on as well as the studies that back up his entire program. It does work!