Review – Her Mother’s Grave – Detective Josie Quinn Book 3

3 Aug

Take a deep breath – you’re in for an amazing ride. Her Mother’s Grave by Lisa Regan is a non-stop heart-pumping mystery filled with twists and turns and unexpected situations.

Chief Josie Quinn is a determined no nonsense cop. Her less than stellar upbringing makes her suspicious by nature. When human remains are discovered by a couple of young boys in a place she would rather forget, the story gets rolling. As the identity of the victim is revealed, she gives it her all to find out what happened and in the process finds out things she could have never dreamed about herself.

I’d love to get into more details, but it would be at the risk of too many spoilers. I haven’t read the two previous books so you can start with this. You can be sure I’m adding Books 1 & 2 to my to read pile. Bravo Lisa Regan!

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